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Stadium Lighting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Release time:2022-11-23 15:41:38

Stadium Lighting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Sustainable stadium lighting systems for the world's most prestigious soccer tournament
Stadium Lighting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
SIOSUN, appointed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy – the organisation tasked with delivering the infrastructure needed for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, provided innovative DALI and DALI-2 lighting solutions in two state-of-the-art sporting venues, Education City Stadium and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. The highest level of sustainability and environmental practices have been employed in every aspect of the stadiums’ design and construction, with the goal of delivering the first-ever carbon neutral tournament.
Advanced mixed-mode DALI systems
Siosun’s advanced mixed-mode Zero Power DALI Broadcast and DALI Buswire systems incorporate smart DALI Zero Power technology and play a significant role in maximising the sustainability and energy-efficiency of lighting and energy consuming services throughout the 40,000 capacity stadiums and surrounding precincts.
Siosun’s state-of-the-art Zero Power DALI Buswire modules deliver fully-addressable scene-setting control and monitoring of normal, emergency and decorative lighting across the stadium canopies and façades, while Zero Power DALI Broadcast modules are applied across the sites, including Sky boxes, offices, restrooms, concourse plaza, corridors, plantrooms, kitchens, carpark and external spaces. The modular systems are configured, managed and adapted through interactive graphical software, enabling the entire lighting infrastructure to be reconfigured to suit the requirements of the stadiums in the legacy phase, without the need to access equipment or carry-out wiring changes.
Stunning scene-setting and lighting shows
DALI’s precise scene-setting and dimming enables efficient lighting schemes, and forms part of stunning light shows within the stadiums and across the stadiums façade. DALI dimming ensures the most comfortable and efficient lighting conditions for players, while also enhancing the stadium ambience for spectators and building occupants.
Smart DALI Zero Power technology
Siosun’s smart systems have contributed to the five-star Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) rating for the Education City Stadium and the four-star GSAS rating awarded to Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. A key feature of the Delmatic system within Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is the ultra-efficient DALI Zero Power app, which optimises energy savings, particularly during periods of low occupation. The innovative DALI Zero Power function smartly turns off the mains power to areas where lights are digitally off, thereby eliminating wasteful standby parasitic power consumption.
Enhanced energy-efficiency
Networks of presence detectors and daylight sensors further optimise energy-efficiency by continuously adapting and regulating lighting modes and scenes based upon presence, absence, and the contribution of daylight.
Delmatic’s latest IP DALI-2 Buswire modules
To maximise operational efficiency and sustainability, the lighting management system tracks the stadium’s energy usage, and shares key sensor data with connected services while granular monitored data is shared with the BMS via BACnet/IP. Delmatic’s latest IP DALI-2 Buswire modules seamlessly interface with the Education City Stadium BMS directly over the IP network, while IP Routers share lighting management data with the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium BMS.
Siosun’s advanced Lightscape software with integrated emergency light monitoring and testing, provides unmatched real-time visibility and analysis of the entire lighting infrastructure. The graphical user interface tracks and displays the operational status of every lamp and driver, flags failures in real time, and generates relamping plans to ensure luminaires are sustainably replaced at the optimum point.
Highly Commended at 2021 DALI Lighting Awards
The World Cup Stadiums have been awarded High Commendation in the Entertainment & Architectural category at the 2021 DALI Lighting Control Awards. DALI, which stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a dedicated protocol for digital lighting control that enables the easy installation of robust, scalable and flexible lighting management networks. The DALI Lighting Awards are held by the DALI Alliance each year and recognises the very best use of DALI lighting control applications and solutions around the world. The stadiums were Highly commended by the judges for their impressive array of DALI technical features including sharing sensor data to maximize efficiency and sustainability of lighting and connected services as well as tracking stadiums’ energy usage. Learn more about the Siosun’s outstanding achievement at 2021 DALI Awards here.


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