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Guerrero Stadium - Cali - Lighting Project

Release time:2022-11-14 14:13:58

Guerrero Stadium - Cali - Lighting Project
SIOSUN, with many years of experience in lighting important sports facilities around the world and solid experience in dealing with issues related to the modernization of stadiums, was selected as a unique partner for the design and supply of lighting fixtures three major stadiums in Colombia that were supposed to host the Copa America 2021 tournament.
The three stadiums involved were the Metropolitan Roberto Melendez Stadium in Barranquilla, the Olympic Pasqual Guerrero Stadium in Cali and the Atanasio Giraldo Stadium in Medellín.
Given the importance of the competition, the Colombian Ministry of Sports initiated a redesign project to adapt all three stadiums to the new technical and architectural requirements of CONMEBOL-FIFA.
A proud performance
"We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on this amazing and challenging project, providing our 100% Made in Italy lighting solutions. Today, lighting systems in sports facilities must integrate, support and enhance audio and video components so that spectators (in the stadium and at home) can enjoy new lighting interactions and experiences," said Mark Luo, SIOSUN Marketing Director.
"We were able to enjoy a lightning-fast show on June 8, during the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier at the Barranquilla Stadium."
A professional solution
The new lighting system is entirely based on the LG-X9 series of floodlights, an "ecological" and quality option that brings numerous advantages.
Thanks to the customized optics, you get perfect stability and excellent light quality (using color media 5700K and CRI80), high energy efficiency and maximum visual comfort for players and spectators alike.
In addition, SIOSUN LED lighting systems meet the needs of many TV broadcasters and football associations that require high quality lighting for HDTV and slow motion filming.
However, SIOSUN does not only provide floodlights, but also complete solutions. All products are integrated with DMX solutions, a new SIOSUN system, thanks to the Internet of Things, luminous flux management systems, energy management systems and the creation of scenic lighting effects with DALI and DMX control systems are possible.
All floodlights are equipped with DMX drivers and dedicated consoles to set pre-programmed lighting combinations such as colors, create unforgettable scenes and spectacular lighting tricks that will amaze all the spectators attending the competition.
In addition, it processes fault messages on the monitoring system in real time, showing current values and potential warnings for each situation, thus increasing the efficiency of the sports arena.
Our Lighting Mission
One of the extraordinary advantages of the SIOSUN lighting system, one of the reasons why the authorities chose SIOSUN, is the certainty of achieving significant energy savings; thanks to the integration and centralized management of all systems, it can save more than 40% of energy consumption.
Thanks to SIOSUN, the three Colombain stadiums can join the exclusive list of smart stadiums worldwide, with technological lighting systems that manage different information in real time, taking the entertainment experience to a whole new level. The lighting revolution has begun!
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