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Dimmable COB LED Track Light 50W 60W

Dimmable COB LED Track Light 50W 60W

Product Details

Dimmable COB LED Track Light 50W 60W

1, 50w/60w Stage Light with Barndoors

2, Using Citizen COB & Samsung CSP 

3, High Lumen can be reached 130lm/w

4, Radiating with Fan Structure

5, Beam angle: 24/40/60degree are available

6,Dimmable(0-10v dimming, 2.4 G Wireless dimming, PWN dimming)

led track lightled track lightled track light

led track lightled track light
Company Info

ACESUN LIGHTING is established in 2007,the factory is located in Dongguan . In 2010,SHENZHEN SIOSUN LIGHTING company was founded, meanwhile , our own brand "LG LIGHTING" was registered. SHENZHEN SIOSUN contains all of the business capacity, such as development, production and sales .Main business is high quality LED lighting export trade. By all of our colleagues and friends' hard working and supporting, our company have been developed from lighting kit design, stamping to whole LED light manufacturing .We can provide you many kinds of lighting program .For example: LED indoor, commercial, office, building, industrial, light electrical appliances, household and other fields. After seven years of unremitting efforts, SIOSUN LIGHTING has got rapid growth. Through independent research system ,we have developed a series of sustainable and innovative high-end products for the customer ,which can provide them energy saving, healthy and comfortable lighting environment .What is more ,our product can well reflect our theme which is health LED lighting - energy saving, environmental protection.

led track light

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