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The 600x600 LED Panel Lights Is About To Become The Next Black Horse In The LED Lighting Market

The 600x600 LED Panel Lights is about to become the next black horse in the LED lighting market

Led600x600 LED Panel Lights is playing an increasingly important role, 600 x600 LED panel lights or LED panel lights, LED lamps and lanterns is a kind of in the lighting market, 600 x600 become popular a kind of LED panel lamp lighting lamps and lanterns, with dark horse stance in the global lighting market attention.

At present, the development of LED lighting market has been booming, which has promoted the rapid development of the 600x600 LED Panel Lightss and other lighting fixtures. This is mainly because the state is attaching more importance to energy conservation and emission reduction, and has introduced relevant policies to support the development of energy-saving industries. Lighting fixtures such as 600x600 LED Panel Lightss have great applications in office and home lighting. According to the survey, LED lighting can save at least 75% of indoor lighting, so LED lighting is the first choice for all businesses and users.

The 600x600 LED Panel Lights and other lighting fixtures are expected to be up 20 times over the next 10 years, while the cost will fall to one-tenth of the current level. Some industry experts expect at the same time, with the acceleration of incandescent lamp selection, LED lights within the scope of investment markets around the world will have a positive, is expected in 2015 China LED lighting output will reach 500 billion yuan, account for more than 30% of general lighting market in mainland.

The 600x600 LED Panel Lights has higher luminous efficiency ratio. When traditional incandescent bulbs work, 80-90% of their energy is converted to heat energy, and only about 10% of the energy is converted to light energy. While the 600x600 LED Panel Lights is at work, LED electro-optical conversion efficiency is 30 to 50 percent, three to five times that of traditional incandescent bulbs. That is to say, the 600x600 LED Panel Lights is more than 60 percent more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs in the same brightness effect. In terms of brightness, leds and incandescent bulbs have a higher brightness in the same energy consumption as the 600x600 LED Panel Lightss.

In addition to energy saving, this new lighting source is also more environmentally friendly. An old traditional energy-saving lamp, with an average of about 0.5 mg of mercury, is capable of contaminating 180 tons of water and surrounding soil, but the 600x600 LED Panel Lights has no problem with this aspect.

According to our understanding, LED600x600 LED Panel Lights also has a long service life, high cost performance, convenient transportation and installation, etc, with these advantages, 600 x600 LED panel light has become the "main force" of urban landscape lighting, at the same time, also more and more integrated into people's life, a good development prospects.