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Siosun New Panel Light Product Release

Product features and Applications

1. The Features of Led Panel Lighting:

 Super large diameter large power panel lamp

 Lifespan:more than 50,000 hours;

 High Luminous efficiency;

 Fast light brightening, no delay and flicker;

 Energy-saving: saving 80% than the ordinary lamp;

 Green, Health and Environmentally friendly protection, more comfortable for our vision.


2. The Advantages of Led Panel Lighting:

 Passed CE and UL certification;

 No mercury, No radiation, No UV;

 Easy to install and maintain, no subsidiary fixture;

 Low consumption and high conversion. 


3. The application of Led Panel Lighting:

 Shopping mall, supermarket, hotel lighting, office lighting etc.;

 Family house, kitchen, warehouse, bathroom, corridor, garage;

 Commercial show windows and bars, subway, airport, exhibition hall, gymnasium etc..