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SIOSUN LED Outdoor Lighting Flood Light Information

Reliable LED Lighting Technology

The special LG T Reliable LED Lighting Technology provides significant advantages in terms of luminous efficiency, minimising losses refraction and reflection inside the optical system. This system ensures a lower density of dirt and maintaining the luminaire performance for a very long period.

Protect the LED Source

As the key to guarantee the total life span of the luminaire, the protection of the LED source is the core topic in the designing of LG T luminaire. The carefully selected Mitsubishi PC cover and waterproof rubber ring ensured the total IP of the whole product. And it also protect the LED chip from the external agents and impact.

Temperature Control

LG T Series is designed with superb heat radiation technique. The heat and air can go through the whole luminaire via the gaps between the modules.This product also has a self-clean ability. When the rain came, the fixture will be washed and the dirt automatically goes out.By the excellent heat radiation ability, the temperature rising of LG T Series light is only \<26. And the lamp can work in the environment from-40 to 55. If the environment is 40, the maximize temperature on the lamp is 70. But the Citizen cob chips can afford 110℃. This ensures the long life span and performance of the whole luminaire.

Multifunction Applications

 The T Series was designed to fit many different applications like high/low bay lighting, flood

 lighting and Port light. In specific, it can use in warehouse, outdoor sports stadium, high

    mast application, Port wharf light, and many more. 


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