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Shenzhen Siosun Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd Officially Received Purui Lamp Beads Authorized Agent

Shenzhen Siosun Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd  officially received Purui lamp beads authorized agent

Shenzhen Siosun Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd is a research and development, production and sales in an integrated enterprise, the main high-end lighting lighting products export trade. our products across the board, from the suite of thermal design, stamping finished package to the entire production of LED lights across the board independent research and development production. Products related to LED indoor lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, architectural lighting, industrial lighting, light electrical appliances, home lighting, and so on. The use of imported brand lights beads, after ten years of unremitting efforts, Xin Austrian Sheng lighting has maintained rapid growth, through independent research and development system, we have developed a series of sustainable and innovative high-end products, user-oriented, for the majority of users An energy-saving, healthy and comfortable lighting environment. More products, visit