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Samsung Introduced A New Medium-power LED Packaging Products

Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of new medium-power LED packaging products, LM301B has the industry's highest luminous efficiency, 220 lumens per watt. Through the use of advanced flip chip design and phosphor technology, Samsung can achieve its industry-leading features. The package is ideal for a variety of LED lighting applications, including ambient lighting, downlights and most of the modified lights.


The LM301B flip chip design uses high-reflection layer formation technology to improve chip-level light efficiency. In addition, during the phosphor conversion process, the red phosphor film and the green phosphor are completely separated, and thus will result in a higher efficiency than the conventional phosphor structure. Compared to the competitive 3030 platform suite, these combined technology enhancements can increase overall performance by 10% without affecting high-quality light output.

"By using our LM301B, it will be able to provide greater power values and help reduce the overall cost of LED lighting manufacturers." Following Samsung's introduction of the LM301B Innovative Products, the future will continue to include the future of LED lighting manufacturers, "said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president of Samsung's LED business unit. Will continue to promote the next generation of LED technology innovation. "