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Rectangle LED Panel Lights Completely Replace Traditional Fluorescent Lamps

Rectangle LED Panel Lights completely replace traditional fluorescent lamps
 At present, with the rapid development of science and technology, LED lighting technology development has been fully mature, therefore, the use of LED technology developed from the lamps, can achieve the lighting effect of ordinary lighting, but also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, so the development prospects it is good.
Especially in the context of energy saving and environmental protection, Rectangle LED Panel Lights, whether it is light, electricity, or life, are completely replace the existing fluorescent tubes. Rectangle LED Panel Lights average life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours, more than 10 times the ordinary lamp. But also in the production of technology and the use of materials, have been more choices, such as lighting SMD high light effect lamp beads, non-electrolytic capacitors long life IC semiconductor power supply, dimmable power supply, each component of the progress, are Ensuring the benefits of Rectangle LED Panel Lights.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights led constant current work, the AC AC directly converted to DC DC, effectively reduce the led light failure, fast start, no noise. In addition, Rectangle LED Panel Lights using flat light guide technology, so that the light emitted by the panel uniform and comfortable, flicker-free protection of the eyes. The traditional fluorescent use of alternating current, so every second will produce 100-120 times the strobe. For workers in the production line operation, in the ordinary lamp lighting easier under myopia.
Ordinary fluorescent tubes contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will be volatile to the atmosphere, causing pollution. Rectangle LED Panel Lights does not use mercury, and Rectangle LED Panel Lights also does not contain lead and other harmful substances, the shell can also be recycled, no damage to the environment.
In terms of price, lighting that, in a stable quality under the premise of Rectangle LED Panel Lights with the traditional light source, such as energy-saving lamps, its energy-saving effect in the comprehensive cost advantage has been fully reflected. Division I through large quantities of raw materials procurement to reduce procurement and production costs, will be less than 30% of the market price concessions to the maximum benefit to customers.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights is recognized as "tall" in the 21st century green lighting, more energy efficient, more power efficient, more environmentally friendly and greener. Therefore, the Rectangle LED Panel Lights is suitable for quiet and noisy environments such as libraries, offices, hotels and so on.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights is playing a growing role, Rectangle LED Panel Lights is also called LEDRectangle LED Panel Lights, LED lighting is a type, in the current lighting market, Rectangle LED Panel Lights become a favorite of a lighting Lamps, with dark horse gestures in the global lighting market attention.
At present, the development of LED lighting market hot, and promote the Rectangle LED Panel Lights lighting and other rapid development. This is mainly because the state for energy conservation and emission reduction increasingly attention, and the introduction of relevant policies to support the development of energy-saving industries.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights and other lighting in the office and home lighting areas have a very good application. According to the survey: LED lighting allows indoor lighting savings of at least 75%, so LED lighting business and users become the first choice.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights and other lighting in the next 10 years, the brightness is expected to increase by 20 times, and the cost will be reduced to the existing 1/10. At the same time there are industry experts expect, with the accelerated pace of incandescent elimination, the global LED lighting investment market will usher in a positive, is expected in 2015 China LED lighting output value will reach 500 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the mainland general lighting market.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights has a higher luminous efficiency ratio. Traditional incandescent lamp at work, 80-90% of the energy into heat, only about 10% of the energy into light energy. While the Rectangle LED Panel Lights at work, LED electro-optical conversion efficiency of 30% to 50%, is the traditional incandescent lamp three to five times. That is to say, to achieve the same brightness effect, Rectangle LED Panel Lights than traditional incandescent energy saving more than 60%. In terms of brightness, LED and incandescent lamps in the same energy consumption, Rectangle LED Panel Lights higher brightness.
In addition to energy saving, this new type of lighting is also more environmentally friendly. A waste of traditional energy-saving lamps, an average of about 0.5 mg of mercury, enough to pollute 180 tons of water and the surrounding soil, but the Rectangle LED Panel Lights there is no such problem.