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Four Color COB Performance Evaluation Competition

Recently, CSC and CSP technology contend for the LED lighting market to re-thrown no small ripples, COB products, different packaging solutions of the prospects once again pushed to the stage. For business, lights and other market segments of the mining, light source manufacturers to meet customer demand for continuous improvement of light quality, but also the development of different technical routes, according to different structures, the material on the definition of different manufacturers feature of product. Some people questioned, COB technology line evolution, is not only a Platonic innovation, or broken out of the market out of the catfish?

Many manufacturers have also introduced a distinctive color COB light source products, causing the market attention, to provide some reference to the lighting application manufacturers, the evaluation of the Aladdin evaluation room deliberately selected four representative color COB light source for testing Contrast, from the basic photoelectric parameters, light color quality, mixed light uniformity and other aspects of one by one assessment. The four sample brands are TOYONIA (Toyo), TYANSHINE (Tim Xin), SHARP (Sharp), RAYBEN (music).

This issue of special evaluation invited the Guangdong Torch Optoelectronics Research Institute of the test center to test, to provide data support. In addition, Aladdin evaluation room also invited the industry's senior engineer Vision on several samples for a more dimension of the experience.



From the product size point of view, RAYBEN, TYANSHINE, SHARP three samples of light-emitting surface size in the φ15mm or so, TOYONIA luminous surface is φ9mm. Y5KS in the four samples in the smallest area of light, the control substrate area, the luminous density is also the highest, as the optical power density we will later mentioned.

From the package structure, the four samples are applied two-color mixed-color tone principle, but the structure is different. Look at the two-color chip display arrangement, SHARP two-color chip evenly worse than the other three arranged.

RAYBEN and TOYONIA two samples within the non-gold line, so that in the product transport and processing processes, you can try to avoid human factors on the destruction of the product, put an end to the product line due to broken wire failure, from the product physical strength, Section is relatively more advantage.