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Color Temperature Change 2.4G Wifi Flat Dimmable Led Panel Light

Dimmable & Color Temp Dimmable Panel light

Product Description

CE RoHS TUV UL DLC SAA certificate
High CRI,High Lumen output (more than 100LM/W for finished products)
Warm / Natural / Cool / Cold white
External driver, input voltage AC100-277V
No UV or IR in the beam
High PF & Flicker free for Tri-Colour Version (Dimmable& Color Temp Dimmable)
Easy to install and operate
Energy saving, long Lifespan
Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes
Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming
Green and eco-friendly without mercury


2.4g dimmable LED panel light is a two-color temperature control light, through the remote control, switch or smart phone control. So that 1 lamp has 3 colors, the brightness can be adjusted dimmable LED panel, the color from warm white to cool white. Dimming LED panel can also be white or warm white only. Sidelights, high brightness Samsung SMD2835 as a LED light source, aluminum 6063 frame. RGB panel light Specifications: Installation can be embedded, chandeliers, office ceiling light panels. Surface mounted LED panel light size LED panel 600x600, led panel 600x1200, led panel 300x1200, led panel 300x300, panel 300x600mm Beam angle: 120 degrees Input voltage: AC85-265V, DC12v Installation: suspension, surface mount led adjustable ceiling light Light led panel applications:

Commercial office lighting lamps color size (mm)

LG-P3030-8W-D8W 800LM 2700K-3000K-4500K-6500K 300x300mm

BT-PL3030-12W Modern Home Lighting Product Code Portable Lamp Color Size (mm) BT-PL3030-8W-D8W800LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x300mmBT-PL3030-12W -D12W1 200LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x300m mBT-PL3030-18W-D18W1800LM3000K- 4500K-6500K300x300mmBT-PL3060-18W-D18W1 600LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x600m mBT-PL3060-24W-D24W2400LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x600mmBT-PL6060-36W-D36W3 200LM3000K-4500K- 6500K600x600m mBT-PL6060-40W-D40W3600LM3000K-4500K-6500K600x600mmBT-PL6060- 48W-D48W4 800LM3000K-4500K-6500K600x600m mBT-PL 30120-36W-D36W3600LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x1200mmBT-PL30120-48W-D4 8W4800LM3000K-4500K-6500K300x1 200mmBT-PL60120-72W-D72W7200LM3000K-4500K-6500K600x1200mm Website: http: // www.