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China's Square Square LED Panel Lights Market Has Great Potential

China's square Square LED Panel Lights market has great potential
 As early as 10 years ago, the square Square LED Panel Lights were not watched, but with the development of science and technology and computer paperless office and other office changes and office hours to increase, people began to focus on square Square LED Panel Lights on the eyes and body And more people are aware of the rational design of the square Square LED Panel Lights can make the staff work better, work more pleasant.
    With the square Square LED Panel Lights industry competition intensified, many square Square LED Panel Lights enterprises began to segment the product or market positioning, square LED panel light industry, large-scale reshuffle and survival of the fittest trend is obvious. During this period, in order to consolidate the core competitiveness, access to market segments of the discourse, for more personalized needs of customers to provide more professional square LED panel light service to build a stronger market position.
    At the same time, and lighting design has a closely related space design industry, is also gradually subdivided, home space design, office space design, public space design and so on more professional, subdivision positioning of the space design orientation have appeared in the market. In the field of segmented office design services, in addition to the pursuit of human space design style, in the square LED panel design level, but also more close to human needs.
Survey shows that commonly used square Square LED Panel Lights products such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, embedded lights. In fact, the office illumination is not required 800Lux, office lighting 400-500Lux has been sufficient, if you need to work in a better environment, the illumination may increase by 50% is enough to use. For true space design, the square LED panel light is not a simple superposition of the lamp itself, but a whole solution.
     Most manufacturers of square LED panel light design and not as a new light source technology into the overall lighting to the innovative design, which limits the advantages of square Square LED Panel Lights to play. He believes that the square LED panel light design should be from the appearance of aesthetics, light-shaped light effect, thermal structure, electrical specifications, affordable to the product installation of the convenience and security considerations really true details, meticulous and delicate in order to achieve harmony between man and light. Leya Diya lighting, Leyer Diya after two years of painstaking research and development, the light of the Asian launch of the bulb on the use of the industry-leading 3014 high-efficiency patch, built-in fins and chimney convection cooling, 100MΩ insulation shell protection, appearance, structure, quality and safety of the price is very high.
For the square Square LED Panel Lights, the square Square LED Panel Lights products, energy saving, environmental protection, durability, health and other characteristics are more consistent with its needs, the Chinese square Square LED Panel Lights potential market is huge, and foreign markets such as the European market Compared to 100 times the European market. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 80% of China's office light environment is poor, which is reflected in the light intensity, light flash frequency, durability, energy efficiency, etc., people ignore a lot of energy-saving initiatives.
 Some of the office space as "soft, hard to take", look at ancient and modern design - interior design (office space), its essence of the streamline is the line, the combination of lines, from the earliest architectural design, Design has always been the support of interior design, and interior design is the soul of architectural design, architectural design and interior design interoperability exists.
No matter how good the lighting design from the building's shell and the nature, are illusory, a good square LED panel light design is a language that is needed to read the product in order to really absorb its essence; a good square LED panel light design Is also art, is the need for slowly appreciation, in order to really perceive its existence.
From the table and inside, outside to inside, is a whole decoration of the interpretation, including the hard drive design, soft design, and smart square Square LED Panel Lights design, with the office functions of the diversified, , Including the traditional light source and LED light source two kinds of traditional light source with its high luminous efficiency and high color to stabilize the market, but with the emergence of LED, to the lighting market has brought a new innovation, small size, light, life Long, variable color, energy saving, environmental protection, and many other features, refreshing. But the quality of the market, but off the LED due to lack of color and light quality, this LED is not able to do the main lighting. In the current cohabitation of the market, for the LED has not a good national standard, resulting in no high-quality LED light source, most of them are primary products, low raw materials, rough manufacturing technology, technology and other issues, about the LED industry.