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Analysis Of Six Factors That Affect The Sales Price Of Square LED Panel Lights

Analysis of six factors that affect the sales price of Square LED Panel Lights
In the LED lighting products, the price of Square LED Panel Lights should belong to the middle side, which in the market was positioned as a high-end line of indoor LED lighting products. Square LED Panel Lights to a unique soft light to win the market recognition and consumer favorite, the most prominent is its luminous effect of uniformity of illumination, soft light, both comfortable and bright.
Square LED Panel Lights as a high-end quality products, the current production cost is still high, in order to allow lay people and potential consumers more transparent understanding of the cost of composition, lighting for you to make a detailed valuation analysis, so that consumers And buyers understand the added value of Square LED Panel Lights.
Square LED Panel Lights market sales price caused by the following six factors (600 * 600mm * 36w-Square LED Panel Lights, for example):
1, LED lamp beads cost
LED lamp beads are relatively rigid components, lamp beads price depends on the technical level of the entire LED industry, and the general customers are purchasing Taiwan or the US brand, the price can not be controlled. Now most of the market using 3014,2835 or 4014, chip size 11 * 23mil or 11 * 28mil, often the price of 150-180 yuan / K, superior chip beads not only stable performance, high brightness, light decline, and significant The color index is also high.
2, border and backplane
Square LED Panel Lights of the border and backplane generally use 6063 aluminum, are futures prices, changes are relatively large, according to the current market, basically a bullish trend.
3, Square LED Panel Lights drive power
Driving power is the most important factor affecting the price of Square LED Panel Lights. If the power quality is poor, will directly affect the life of the Square LED Panel Lights. UL power performance is relatively stable, the price is also high. For example: 36w UL 5-year indoor semi-waterproof power supply price of about 80 yuan, TUV CE certification test aluminum shell cost-effective, the price is about 40 yuan, the cost of other general CE power supply is about 35 yuan The
4, light guide plate
The light guide plate currently has a different size thickness, generally 4mm and 6mm. Light efficiency can be done more than 85%, 6mm is a luxury version, the price is also the most expensive, about 90 dollars / piece (600 * 600mm), accounting for the whole lamp at least 25% of the cost. 4mm price will be cheaper than the 6mm, about 60 yuan / piece, but the effect of light and the overall effect, slightly less than 6mm, with the development of science and technology and material technology matures, 4mm light guide board in all aspects The effect has been highlighted, and gradually replace the 6mm to become the first choice for high cost.
5, diffusion plate
Diffuse plate material quality determines the price level. Currently on the market diffusion board is divided into PC and PMMA two. Significant PMMA is at least 30% cheaper than PC. But there is a drawback, that is more brittle PMMA, the thinnest to do 2mm, and the PC can do 1.0-2.0, and toughness is better, easy to assemble. And can do fire rating. Ordinary waterproof material 1.5T price of about 17 yuan / pc, the same situation, waterproof material than ordinary type double.
6, production of accessories and packaging
Any quality manufacturers will pay special attention to packaging. Square LED Panel Lights packaging is also the case, portable single fine color thick cardboard box with a fixed card bit foam, generally 5pcs / carton. In addition to the production of accessories and manual assembly and other finished products, totaling about 15 yuan / piece.
Comprehensive above is not difficult to see, through the CE certification 36w square LED panel lamp production costs about 240-260 yuan, if the use of UL configuration price will be higher than 40-50 yuan. The price factor of the Square LED Panel Lights is basically composed of the above components and the raw material purchase price fluctuation factors, from the raw material procurement to the quality management of each component. Division I through all aspects of efforts for the Square LED Panel Lights market development to make the greatest efforts of enterprises.