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Adjustable 600x600 LED Panel Lights Benefits

Adjustable 600x600 LED Panel Lights Benefits
600x600 LED Panel Lights manufacturer, as the environmental protection and energy saving 600x600 LED Panel Lights, which in addition to the same lighting with other lighting effects, there is a general incandescent lamp does not have the special performance - dimmable, dimmable Of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights wider than ordinary lighting, but also in energy-saving emission reduction will also play a greater role.
The previous year the country's total electricity consumption reached 2.7 trillion degrees, of which only lighting is about 300 billion degrees of electricity, if the energy consumption is only one-third of the traditional lighting 600x600 LED Panel Lights, the energy-saving effect Is self-evident, so with the dimming characteristics of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights more by the consumer's favorite and welcome.
The use of dimming technology to reduce the output power, will significantly improve the working environment of 600x600 LED Panel Lights, extend the lamp life, improve reliability. A key factor affecting the reliability of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights is temperature.
Whether it is LED drive power or LED chip, the higher the ambient temperature, its life and reliability will decline sharply. When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃ LED power life of up to 320,000 hours, and when the temperature rose to 60 ℃, 600x600 LED Panel Lights power supply life will be shortened to only 35,000 hours.
The higher the temperature, the LED chip's light failure is also significantly increased. LED light failure and its junction temperature is closely related to the so-called junction temperature is the temperature of the semiconductor PN junction, the higher the junction temperature, LED light sooner the light failure, that is, the shorter life expectancy.
If the junction temperature of 105 ℃, brightness down to 70% of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights life of only more than 10,000 hours; junction temperature 95 ℃ 600x600 LED Panel Lights life of 20,000 hours; and junction temperature reduced to 75 ℃, life Can be as long as 50,000 hours, 65 ℃ when the life can be extended to 90,000 hours. In summary, the key to extending the life of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights is to reduce the junction temperature.
With dimming technology, with the output power to reduce the drive power supply itself will be reduced, the shell temperature will also decline. When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃ full load output, the shell temperature is 50 ℃, while the use of dimming control technology to output only 50% of the power, the shell temperature dropped to 40 ℃, life will be doubled, reliability can be increased by 25% 40%.
The rapid development of dimming technology, will LED lighting dimming system into a new field, which will green energy-saving 600x600 LED Panel Lights lighting applications for a wide range of popularization and promotion.
600x600 LED Panel Lights Design Flexible LED is a kind of dot-like light, the designer through the point, line, surface of the flexible combination, according to customer requirements design a variety of different shapes, different particles of light, its design is very flexible. 600x600 LED Panel Lights High illumination 600x600 LED Panel Lights features a light-emitting reflector panel and a hermetically sealed design, combined with an efficient light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. Luminous effect is even, the illumination is higher. 600x600 LED Panel Lights Small heat 600x600 LED Panel Lights lightweight, complete cooling function, low power, less heat. 600x600 LED Panel Lights long life LED long life of up to 100,000 hours. Such as 8 hours per day, the theoretical life of more than 27 years. CPL lamp cup theoretical life even more than 100,000 hours or more.
600x600 LED Panel Lights is widely used in office, school, hospital, shopping mall, home and other places, as the LED era to replace the traditional grid of the lamp panel, the light is uniform and the light is even and the light is soft and comfortable. Best product.
product structure
600x600 LED Panel Lights structure includes the framework, diffusion plate, light guide plate, lamp beads, drive power, aluminum and other components.
1, the framework: frame strength affect the durability
The frame is an important part of the panel lights, and the high strength frame makes the panel lights more durable. 600x600 LED Panel Lights of the side frame using different materials, the cooling performance is not the same. According to statistics, the current panel light frame materials are mainly aluminum, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum, steel and other materials.
2, diffusion plate: different material light transmission rate is different
Diffuse plate is the role of the light guide plate evenly spread out, but also play the role of fuzzy network, the use of materials mainly acrylic, PC, PS and so on.