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600x600 LED Panel Lights To Buy Errors Must Be Avoided

600x600 LED Panel Lights to buy errors must be avoided
600x600 LED Panel Lights in our lives has played an important role, it also has a certain understanding of it, but in the purchase of 600x600 LED Panel Lights, it is easy to enter the following errors:
Misunderstanding 1, the life expectancy is too high, 600x600 LED Panel Lights life than the traditional lamp life is much longer, up to 100,000 hours, but this is only the theoretical life, because the actual life will be temperature , Humidity and ventilation and other environmental conditions and shorten the impact, but in general the use of 2 to 3 years are no problem, compared to the fluorescent lamp has been greatly beyond the life of traditional lamps. In the purchase of products, to pay attention to the product of the brightness of the situation, the actual use of life to have a correct understanding.
Misunderstanding 2, the greater the power the more bright, many people have had such a misunderstanding, in fact, led brightness is measured by the luminous intensity, not by power to judge. So when you buy 600x600 LED Panel Lights, to pay attention to its brightness.
Misunderstanding 3, the actual angle of light as an effective angle, led light angle of the actual angle of light and the effective angle of the two, many people confuse the two concepts In the purchase of the product should pay attention to the actual angle of light.
In the 600x600 LED Panel Lights when buying, the above errors must be avoided, so as to choose a good product.
To buy 600x600 LED Panel Lights are aware of each production of 600x600 LED Panel Lights due to R & D standards, manufacturing processes, quality assurance, etc. are not the same as different prices, each region has a big difference. We should from the internal structure and materials look at the price of flat lights.
1, the different ways of light on the sale of the price also has an impact, the general light is divided into straight down, side luminescence. Straight down the thickness of a little thick, thin side of the thinner, but with a little more basic materials, according to the use of materials prices are different.
2, according to 600x600 LED Panel Lights power, color reproduction, light efficiency (price gap is also derived from different quality of the lamp beads, although the individual gap is not large, but the use of the amount, so our price gap is particularly large ) And so the parameters are different, the price is also different.
3, you can see 600x600 LED Panel Lights drive power, good drive power, of course, the price will be high.
4, the quality of various auxiliary materials, the amount of quality will affect the price.
The above is for 600x600 LED Panel Lights prices to consider the factors of a brief introduction, although some will be expensive but good quality, the use of cost-effective, is very good.
 600x600 LED Panel Lights is a safe and environmentally friendly LED lighting, through the use of the latest technology, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. We must choose the appropriate time to choose the appropriate, 600x600 LED Panel Lights manufacturers require us to have a way to understand it to install, so as to choose the most suitable for our environment lights. For the flat-type LED lights we can install the way, here for everyone to introduce these four installation methods.
1, wire hanging type
First need to be fixed on the ceiling we want to install the line and pieces, some screws in the factory has been installed, we just locked on it. We put the hanging line down, and then began to hang. Very easy and simple.
2, fixed bracket
You can first play a few holes in the ceiling, and then slide the panel lights into the installation of the ceiling. And then fixed up, to the screw on the fixed frame, very simple and convenient.
3, flat type
T-keel is generally used in the factory workshop, office, high-end office ceiling of a decoration, in order to meet the lighting, 600x600 LED Panel Lights according to the size of T-keel derived from a dedicated 600x600 LED Panel Lights, according to the size of the design Good straight into the line can be placed directly (and straight into the honeycomb board, mineral wool board the same action).