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2018 Hot Push Intelligent Track Lights

SIOSUN lighting main: LED flood light, LED flood light, LED pole light, LED sports light, led downlight, wall lamp, led track light, led panel light and other LED lighting products

SIOSUN Lighting Co., Ltd. adhere to the "hard-working, initiative, mutual assistance and win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "responsible for the light" business philosophy to product as a carrier, steady development, integrity management, practice SIOSUN people to customers, employees , Committed to social responsibility; adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, adhering to the "training in the application of", "the right is the best" talent concept and common development with staff. The industrious SIOSUN people, as always, are working hard to make unremitting efforts to establish the first-rate private enterprise in China.

Product concept: product as a carrier to meet demand, create demand and enhance consumer quality of life and taste;

Staff view: Employees are the source of corporate profits, we use gratitude to return equal treatment, human welfare and development space;

Talent view: the right is the best, apply in training, and return in order to develop space;

Customer view: Customer identity is our fundamental survival, is our value reflects; select quality customers, providing efficiency products and efficiency services to enhance mutual competitiveness and achieve win-win situation;

Development concept: no one successful business development at the expense of employees, customer development at the expense of a comprehensive and balanced development is the basis for a stable and strong business.

Different types of clothing store on the color design requirements vary, different seasons on the store color design requirements are not the same, we must also consider the impact of popular colors.

Echoes of color

Color is the first feeling of long-distance viewing. Color conveys information faster than graphics and text. The color of the window includes clothing, display props, floor and wall color, etc., the color of the ground, walls and props to highlight the clothing, so do not think that the more intense the contrast of the visual impact of the guests stronger, you can rob people Sight, this is a misunderstanding of understanding.

Human visual physiology tells us that people have the function of self-protection, the brain is hate chaos, strong color contrast stimuli, people's vision will immediately enter the defensive state, consciously resist the dazzling colors, and will produce annoying emotions, the results with To achieve the purpose of the opposite. Therefore, many famous companies in the world and large brands of brands, the color selection is very simple, concise and harmonious, most of the choices monochrome on behalf of the company's image in order to facilitate people's memory.

Shop windows and even the entire store can use standard colors to unify. Different types of clothing stores have different requirements for color design. Different seasons have different requirements for the color design of the store. They also have to consider the influence of popular colors. In addition, the interior of the store should avoid the dead ends of colors, and the contrast of the corners should be clear .

Lighting contrast

The use of light in the window design is very important, in the seemingly ordinary space, the use of light well, naturally enhance the style of clothing, the window becomes active, the atmosphere, there are dynamic, melodic. Space is represented by light, without light there is no space. Light can create space, change space or destroy space, which directly affects the perception of clothing shape, texture and color.

Therefore, the use of window lighting, is an important means of performance window art, and the effect of COB track lights are inseparable. Mainly engaged in art is grasping the shape and color of the performance effects of light and shadow generated by the light of both shape and color.

There is light, shadow and tangible. Light through the lamp of the track lamp emits the corresponding form of shadow and reflection plate, silhouette board and other tools and lamps of different nature of the light source and different irradiation position, shown in the window, the beam thickness, the irradiation area, radius, The size, light and light of the convergence, the light of the music straight, the length of the object according to the light and shade, light range produced a variety of light and shadow shape, can be controlled, can be carried out in accordance with human will shape. The author of the window should make full use of this skill to create a light and shadow form, fully embellish the main body of the exhibits in different spatial levels, the actuality and background decorative patterns, and make the visual of the products more beautiful.

Select the glorious hue according to the display of the main colors of the product to decide, including light and color purity of the color temperature (color temperature) can be controlled, according to the color aesthetics, color matching with the laws of the United States ratio, the application. This light color must be gentle, harmonious, unified, you can make the window of the mood and artistic performance to a higher realm.

Light exposure or reflection must pay attention to prevent light exposure, stimulate the eyes of consumers. Light intensity, the degree of IPL, the purity should be moderately weakened, can not be overwhelming, beautiful bright, especially flashing high frequency of lighting, will have visual pollution.

Also note that the use of light is not necessarily as much as good, the key is the combination of science and aesthetics. The flashy lights not only can not icing on the cake, but superfluous, while causing power consumption and economic losses. Therefore, the lighting design to maximize the practical value and appreciate the value, must be designed by experts, professional lighting manufacturers to participate in the design. Apply lighting to the stage design concept to increase the artistic appeal of the showcase.

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