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1500W The Latest Stadium Lighting Products Release

130LM / W stadium lighting products

Lumens(lm): 63887.16

Efficiency(%): 100.07%

Lumens(lm)/Power(W): 131.73

Central intensity(cd): 61540.850

Maximum intensity(cd): 89612.000

Angle of maximum intensity: C=90.0 γ=15.0

Beam Angle(50%Imax): [C0/180]Total=46.9


Field angle(10%Imax): [C0/180]Total=81.3


Maximum s/h(1/2): C0_180=0.72 C90_270=1.12

Maximum s/h(1/4): C0_180=1.03 C90_270=0.95

Up flux rate of lamp(%): 0.00%

Down flux rate of lamp(%): 100.07%

Up flux rate of LUM(%): - -

Down flux rate of LUM(%): 100.00%

CIE Type : Direct lighting

Output flux ratio in π solid angle : 99.908%