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Sport Arena LED Flood Light 300Watt Replace HQI

Sport Arena LED Flood Light 300Watt Replace HQI 1.The shell of LED Tunnel Lights adopt integrated design, it optimize efficiency of heat dissipation. 2,Diffuser plate is the imported from Japan, light is soft; it’s comfortable by eyes’ view. 3. Lamp body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant. 4. MCPET Reflective sheeting is used; it improves more than 25% of lamp effect. 5. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it’s more safe, and easy for installation and package.

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Sport Arena LED Flood Light 300Watt Replace HQI

1.The shell of LED Tunnel Lights adopt integrated design, it optimize efficiency of heat dissipation.

2,Diffuser plate is the imported from Japan, light is soft; it’s comfortable by eyes’ view.

3. Lamp body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant.

4. MCPET Reflective sheeting is used; it improves more than 25% of lamp effect.

5. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it’s more safe,

 and easy for installation and package.

Sport Arena LED Flood Light 300Watt Replace HQISport Arena LED Flood Light Sport Arena LED Flood Light 300WattLED Flood Light Replace HQIcertificate.gif

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