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LP Series 500W Professional Sports Stadium Lights

Product Features SMD light source and reflective cup composed of two opticals LG-LP500SQ(500W) 7.5*15, 15*30, 30*60, 60*90 degree of professional light selection

Product Details

Outdoor 500W LED Flood Light LG-LP500SQ Series

Product Features

The lamp design adopts the heat pipe riveting fin radiating technology, which makes the heat generated by the light source through the 8 vacuum heat pipe which is combined with the heat conduction plate and the fin group to the large area fin group to derive heat and quickly reduce the temperature of the light source.

7.5*15, 15*30, 30*60, 60*90 degree of professional light selection, the built-in high reflectivity optical component effectively restraining glare and spillover light; high strength 4mm tempered glass without protective cover; shell electrophoresis plus anti UV powder surface technology treatment, can be tested by more than 200 hours of salt fog, protection grade IP67.

Use PHILPS, CITIZEN and CREE light source to ensure the overall luminous efficiency, reliability and light quality of finished products. MEAN WELL IP67 is used to drive the power supply to improve the life, reliability and environmental applicability of lamps and lanterns. The finished lamp can replace the 2000W and the above gold halide lamps. It has the advantages of fast starting speed, long life, saving electricity, long maintenance cycle, no consumables (light bulb) treatment and so on.

Product Applications

Ideal lighting choices for internal room,outside stadium, sports fields, golf course,plaza, harbour, airport, construction area etc. It can replace the traditional metal halide and high pressuresodium light.

Mechanical Diagrams

Mechanical Diagrams.jpg

Light distribution curve

Light distribution curve.pngLight distribution curve.pngLight distribution curve.png

Mechanical Diagrams

Mechanical Diagrams1.png

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