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Why choose store lighting COB light track light

1, the use of lamps: at present, energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps in the shopping mall stores, particularly in high-end stores have all but eliminated, first because of their lighting effects could not satisfy people's point of impact, the second is lack of energy. Now what kind of lighting is effective in solving these two problems? --LED lighting, LED track lights, LED downlight.
2 choose LED lights (LED track light, LED tube light, for example) you should pay attention to the following issues:
1) COB light source glare:
Lamp beads LED light power more big more glare, also will has heavy shadow appeared, to customer of of feel bad, will reduced shop of grade, and COB light full direction glow makes eyes accept to of light to big area distribution, effective of avoid has above of problem, so COB light without more do imitation glare light processing, also will to customer brings is comfortable of lights effect, this is COB light widely application high-end places reasons one of.
2) COB light source of high thermal conductivity, low light:
Bulb LED light radiating surface is small, due to lack of base plate horizontal transmission. Chip contact substrate temperature to the base plate edge over temperature, that is unable to quickly export using large radiators heat, light decay quickly. Live shorter lives, COB lights the same power cooling surface several times to dozens of times larger than the LED spot light, small and medium sized chip-sealed directly on the metal surface better heat dissipation, is close to the theoretical life expectancy. Life of 50,000 hours or more no problem.