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What Are The Advantages Of Led High Mast Flood Light?

What Are The Advantages Of Led High Mast Flood Light?

LED flood light is a representative of outdoor lighting, mainly used for building decorative lighting, as well as commercial space lighting, decorative ingredients are heavier.The rapid development of LED technology will bring new development for lighting design and application, which is impossible for many traditional light sources. Installation of china led high mast flood light is convenient, can be horizontal can also be installed vertically, with the building surface better combination, expand the designer's creative space. And will have an impact on the lighting practices of modern buildings and historic buildings.


Outdoor LED flood light can run at low pressure, almost 100% of the light output, dimming low to nearly 0 output, can combine thousands of light colors, and luminous area can be very small, after two times optical design, lighting lamps to achieve the ideal intensity distribution. Now led cast Light in the entertainment, building room inside and outside, urban landscaping, landscape lighting applications are more and more extensive. 

Wholesale 250 watt led flood light is welcomed by the market because of the characteristics: high purity aluminum reflector, beam most accurate, reflective effect of the best, symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system, easy to replace the light source, easy to maintain, lamps and lanterns are attached to adjust the angle of illumination.