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Urban lighting regulations strictly control energy consumption of urban landscape lighting

Relevant data show that lighting electricity consumption of about 12% per cent of total national electricity consumption, more than 400 billion-kilowatt, almost equal to the United Kingdom one year's electricity consumption nationwide. Taiyuan urban lighting management, the "Eleven-Five" period, the provincial capital city lights development, perfecting urban functions and improving the urban environment and improving people's living standards significantly. But the urban lighting, especially the rapid development of landscape lighting, increased the demand for energy, building Super standard, the premier landscape lighting is installed, and serious. According to preliminary diagnostic survey, urban lighting management found yingze Street, Fu XI Street, Changfeng Street over more than 10 streets 42 large enterprises, such as organs and units using powerful searchlights in landscape lighting, high power floodlights, a large neon lamps with high brightness, high energy-consuming.
To this end, the province will strictly control public facilities and large architectural landscape lighting energy and intensity, excessive energy consumption of building landscape lighting engineering, prohibit using powerful searchlights in landscape lighting, high power floodlights high brightness, high energy consumption, such as lamps, large neon lights. Stop in the city on the main road construction of multiple lamp decorative lighting, as well as lighting control lamp lights. In high energy-consuming lighting said "no" at the same time, will also in the future of urban lighting lighting, lamps and on the selection and use of the control system, actively promoting high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps, light emitting diode (LED), such as efficient lighting products.