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RGBW LED Panel Light

LED panel light with LCD backlight technology, is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection lighting, can replace the existing traditional lighting, LED has a good color consistency, optional color temperature, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption , Green and other advantages, the products are widely used in hotels, high office space, home, office space, indoor public places such as indoor lighting. It has the following advantages:

Energy saving: energy efficient pollution-free, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, more than 70% energy saving than traditional light sources;

Environmental protection: the spectrum of no ultraviolet and infrared, that is, no heat, no radiation, you can safely touch, are typical of the green lighting source;

Long life: the current LED light source life has reached more than 100,000 hours, with the continuous development of LED technology and the application of a large number of popular technology in the drive and heat also basically reached the ideal state, the sale of high quality LED lamp life of 10,000 -50000 hours, almost 10-50 times the ordinary halogen spotlights. ;

Flexible application: ultra-thin lightweight, easy to install space-saving, can be made into any graphic shape, any color, can also be designed to change the color effect;

Light way: the light source for the side of the Ting side light, the surface smooth and bright light uniform, soft not dazzling;

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