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Outdoor basketball court sports lighting special lamp


Model: LG-TJ150W-300W

Power: 150W-300W (optional / Optional)

Luminous flux: 28000lm

Size: 470 * 409 * 149mm

Three anti-standard: outdoor waterproof / indoor dustproof

Voltage: AC 100-240V (50 / 60Hz)

Color temperature: Custom (natural light) Tailor-made (natural light)

Operating temperature: -30 ~ +50 ℃

Power Factor:> 0.95

Beam angle: custom / Tailor-made

Protection class: IP67

Life: 50,000 hours


Siosun LED court lighting, product development and customization for a variety of courses. Product raw materials: Light imported from the original custom, driven by the world-renowned brand power supply. Making the color temperature is closer to natural light, lamp body appearance and generous, generous use of our stadium dedicated lights will make the stadium more upscale, beautiful and harmonious. Siosun lights with the national team training hall dedicated lamp comparable, the light is not blinding, soft light, high uniformity. SiosunLED stadium dedicated lamp with high brightness imported light source, so I Division

Lamp efficiency of up to 110-120 lm / W, can directly replace the metal halide lamps and other traditional lighting products, to achieve green, energy saving, health and environmental effects. We provide adequate and uniform lighting for various sports venues, such as soccer fields, badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, etc. We strive to provide the best light environment for athletes, coaches and spectators with high-quality lighting close to natural light.

First, the product selection:

1. All key components selected imported brands;

2. Specialization, standardization, industrialization, large-scale production;

3 to ensure product pass rate of 100%.

Second, the product technology:

Scientific selection

2. Unique light distribution technology, we have different characteristics of each stadium light distribution;

3. We have football stadium lights, basketball court lights, tennis court lights, badminton court lights;

4. We have a number of optical patents, with light mode.

Siosun LED court lighting angle.png

Third, the structural characteristics:

1. Our lamps are tailored according to the different characteristics of the stadium, anti-glare, high uniformity, not dazzling, comfortable, without any light pollution;

2. Light body made of high-quality aviation aluminum material, cooling efficiency higher; and the use of phase change cooling technology, the structure of the air convection design to ensure the cooling effect;

3. The light source uses imported high-quality high-power lamp beads, high brightness, light color and the stadium integration, and long-lasting, more gentle light;

4. The power supply is controlled by a smart chip to achieve the effect of steady voltage and steady flow to ensure the long life of the lamp and is the new choice of environment-friendly and energy-saving light source in the new era!