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LED panel lights several important skills

LED panel lights in the usual livelihood has a wide range of use, supermarkets, schools, work, subway, etc., all visible public places, can see many of the use of panel lights! How to use LED life and LED panel lights to keep longevity and high brightness, rich and reliable lighting companies to deal with the problem is: power, led light, heat, security, four important skills The 1. Power supply The primary requirement is high power, high power items, fever is low, the stability will be high. Usually in the power of local useful barrier and non-blocking two plans, blocking the volume is too large, low power, in use, the device aspects of the city there are many problems, not as non-blocking the market prospects of the article, where we first comment non-blocking Of the drive plan. 2.LED light source selection of Taiwan's Luming Si patented layout of the LED light source, the chip placed on the pin, the heat can be directly on the silver chip node to the tropical nodes, with the traditional items, and the traditional patch Items in the heat of the quality is not the same, the chip node temperature will not accumulate, and then to ensure the outstanding use of light source lamp beads, to ensure that the light source lamp beads longevity, low light failure. The traditional patch items, although the chip can be connected through the gold and cathode connection, together with the heat generated by the chip to the gold line convergence to the silver feet, heat and electricity are conduction by the money, hot heap long time Will directly affect the LED panel lamp life. 3. Heat dissipation of infrared radiation and applied to the panel lamp, is an important way to improve the life of the lamp. In the heat thinking, we will LED light bulb cooling and power dissipation separately, do not disturb each other, and then to ensure the rationality of cooling. There are three methods of heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation. In the closed environment, the convection and conduction can be completed less, and through the heat will be issued out of the panel lamp is the main point of thinking. 4. Safe and safe, here mainly PC flame retardant plastic tube, because the infrared heat can penetrate the PC tube, then we describe the use of thinking led lights, can think more about its safety, with plastic plastic insulation method, even if In the use of non-blocking power can also be sure to ensure the use of security. LED panel lights have been developed for a long time, from the role of energy conservation, its future use of the surface is appropriate broad, in addition to energy saving, its safety, the use of longevity is more attention we should pay attention!

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