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LED light effect is higher, the lower the color rendering index?

Edit:Shenzhen Siosun Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd  Date:Jul 07, 2017

LED light effect is higher, the lower the color rendering index?

They do the LED, light efficiency and color of the highest can do 150 lm / W, but the color rendering index is only about 70. And a lot of light efficiency in the 100 lm / W LED, color rendering index can do more than 80 90, how is this going on?

Is it possible to understand the higher the luminous efficiency of the LED? The lower the color rendering index?

LED light effect is higher, the lower the color rendering index? This is obviously not true. First of all, the logic of the causal relationship is a bit out of the anti, not because of low light efficiency so that refers to the high, but in order to improve the index and thus sacrifice some light effect. And many people on the light effect of cognitive there are some errors:

Light effect = luminous efficacy

Light effect ≠ light effect

LED light source emitted luminous flux (lm) divided by the power consumption of the light source (W) known as LED light efficiency, the unit lm / W. While the luminous effect refers to the visual effect.

For the users of this question, from Langming Na's FAE Wu Xiaolan teacher gives a more detailed answer

Factors affecting the color rendering index

Now the commercial LED, most of the blue LED chip can be coated with blue light can be excited (YAG) yellow phosphor, we usually called yellow powder, the chip issued by the blue light and yellow light complementary to the formation of white light.

If you want to improve the color of LED, this time you need to involve the color rendering index calculation, under normal circumstances, the color rendering index is calculated as R1-R8, the chromatogram is relatively narrow.


But it will also lack a very important spectrum, it is a special show refers to R9, red R9 (saturated red;) is the evaluation of red reproduction quality indicators. For their application, studio, studio, etc. need to truly reproduce the skin color of the occasion, as well as the color of fresh fruits and vegetables to restore the irreplaceable role.