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Golf course lighting design four programs comparison

Golf course lighting design four programs comparison

General requirements tee area level illumination 200 ~ 250Lux, 200 yards at a height of 5 meters vertical illumination 80 ~ 120Lux. At present, the golf course lighting design scheme of the lift pole mainly includes the design of the upright pole after the stage setting, the design of the cloth lamp on both sides of the driving range, the design of the floor lamp, and the design of the cloth lamp on the roof of the playing field. The design principles, advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1, fight Taiwan or both sides of the pole design

Electric retractable lift pole arranged in the back of the fight, the schematic is as follows:


Electric retractable lift pole height is recommended for more than 15 meters in height to ensure that there is sufficient space in front of the table to shoot the vertical illumination to track the ball's trajectory. In principle, the distance between electric telescopic lifting poles can not exceed twice the height of the lifting poles. Order electric retractable lift pole to find Wuxi Gallo technology excellent quality and affordable after-sales service is good.

Advantages: The highest efficiency equipment, the most easy to install.

Disadvantages: glare and spill light serious.

Success Stories: Guangzhou South Seas Taoyuan driving range.

2, driving lights on both sides of the design


3, fight on both sides of the electric telescopic lifting pole combined with the lamp design

When using the form of lights to achieve driving range lighting, combined with the need to set up a stand electric retractable lift lamp way. Driving range over the area can guarantee a better vertical illumination.

Advantages: The vertical illumination over the driving range is best.

Disadvantages: if the ball flew to the basement wall will be missing track track, but the level of illumination is poor, the high cost.

4, playing on the roof lighting design


The most simple cloth lamp program, electric retractable lift pole arranged on the roof, the minimum roof height of more than 8 meters. Due to the low mounting height of the telescopic pole, the flight trajectory of the ball will be lost at high altitude if the flying height of the ball exceeds the projection height of the lamp, and the horizontal illuminance of the front and rear areas will vary greatly.

Advantages: lowest cost but higher installation and maintenance costs.

Disadvantages: glare and spill light is very serious.


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