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Discussion on street lighting facilities security

1. strengthen patrolling city street wide and squat, street layout is more complex, inspection can be increased, grouping and placement section patrol remote and theft-prone sections sent squat all night. Do throw manpower is large, but anti-theft effect is obvious.
2. "stupid" approach, minimizing the possibility of street lighting facilities were stolen is done by: 1. Street facility in original remote transformer base area be welded shut, buried the span cable fixed in the middle of the line, allowing the criminals to steal; 2. for a variety of changes, from the switch box to the transformer cable into the connector use pipe closed treatment, and the corner connections are secured with special iron elbow, reducing lines stolen may, safe and reliable operation of guarantee lines; 3. New street lamps, in the tenth before the pole main cable wire spiral binding, and then fixed on the anchor bolts, the last pole. This "stupid" approach, you can greatly reduce economic losses.
3. establish social linkage mechanism, form l, most municipal public security environment make concerted efforts of the whole society better, people of high quality and perfect security team, through the coordination of competent departments and public security, 110, security patrols to establish mechanisms for joint action. Public security departments to increase the intensity of theft against detection; The combatant teams patrol 24 hours, areas patrolled check burglar into street lighting facilities. 2, "Street information point of contact" and "Street information contact" approach, establishing focal points for a long time, issuing information cards, covering all areas of jurisdiction, feel free to contact control lamp operation. 3, the implementation of "reporting of award-winning" System. Reflect damage informers of theft of street lighting facilities, after it has been verified and capture criminals given material rewards.