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Daily maintenance of high pole lamp

1, check all ferrous metals of high mast lighting components (including light poles lining) of hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion coating specification, fasteners against loose measure (anticorrosion quality shall conform to the relevant provisions of GB/T9790, GBJ36011 and GB/T11373).
2, check the verticality of high mast lighting facilities (must be carried out regularly as required as required using the theodolite measurement and testing), permissible error should be less than the height of the rod slightly 3. Pole axis straightness error cannot be larger than length of 2 ‰.
3, check whether the lamp post and weld on the outside surface corrosion, served for a long period but cannot be replaced, if necessary, using ultrasonic, magnetic particle inspection test for weld inspection and testing.
4, check the lamp Panel mechanical strength, ensure the safe use of lamps, for closed-ended lamp, you should check the heat;
5, check the lamp bracket fastening bolts, adjust the lamp projection direction;
6, carefully check the lamp wires (flexible cable or cord) usage, see if the wire is taking excessive mechanical stress and aging, cracking, the dew line, and so on, as a result of insecurity should be dealt with immediately;
7, to replace the damaged light electrical components and maintenance