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Case analysis of LED lighting design in automobile exhibition hall

Case Analysis of LED Lighting Lighting Design in Automobile

The automotive industry is still a pillar industry in the global economy. At present, China's annual automobile production capacity of more than 800 vehicles, has more than Germany, production ranked third in the world Scale so much of the automotive industry, pulling the development of automotive lighting, while the application of LED in the car provides a broad market space. According to the current level of LED technology, a car needs more than 300 LED, its demand is very large. The next few years China's lights will have a greater development, the formation of more than 1 billion yuan in output value.


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led downlight in exhibition.png

led track light in exhibition.png


      First, the exhibition location

      As the car exhibition area covers an area, if the full use of artificial lighting, will consume a lot of electricity. Generally will use tempered glass instead of the external walls, make full use of natural lighting, and can make the car clear for customers to see.

      Exterior lighting design should pay attention to the two points are:

      1, to avoid the tank effect. As a large number of the use of glass for the facade, so when the daytime strong sunshine, inside and outside the illumination contrast, easy to produce fish tank effect, so that the car is not for the guests see.

      2, to avoid too much color. With the further development of LED lamps, more and more buildings with multi-color changes in the use of LED lighting. The location of the car showroom, too much change in color but easy to cause light pollution, reduce the grade of the car, not a good highlight of the protagonist status of the car.

      Second, the car display area

      How to make the car this monster show more perfect? This should be based on the height of the exhibition hall, ground material, natural lighting conditions, car grade and so on to decide and comprehensive consideration. Advertising on the car often looks very perfect is due to a lot of light from different angles and carefully adjust its brightness to achieve. And in the field show, we can not like the studio to the same car lighting. But also through the lighting design of the landscaping to enhance the grade of the car to attract customers.

     Layer height of more than 4 meters in the exhibition hall, conditions permitting, it is recommended to use natural lighting, while the use of special high-altitude metal halide lamp. In the high court can provide enough ground illumination.

     High level of the exhibition hall can be used high-color fluorescent light source or uniform light grille lamps. Fluorescent light source surface is larger, which can avoid the gold halide point light source in the car body left a lot of light spots.

     And some more special high-end luxury sports car, you can use the light to create the feeling of speed. Performance, so that exhibits themselves show more visual impact of the three-dimensional expression. At the top of the ceiling design of the five light-emitting ceiling, so that the ceiling in the body under the reflection of the performance of the speed of the car left behind the light and shadow vision to static space Lenovo speed speed.

      Of course, with the growing development of lighting technology, many new technologies and lighting techniques are conducive to the performance of the brand personality. For example, the picture shows the Subaru car showroom ceiling, using the LED module and fiber optic lights, to create a magnificent effect of stars, and the brand LOGO personality and focus on the expression.

      Third, accessories to buy area

      A lot of 4S shop design matching products to buy, to facilitate customers, but also bring joint sales. Compared with the car's own lights, where the lights appear secondary, but can also be better to do better.

      Fourth, negotiate area

      Guests buy cars, often not fast consumption, so the discussion area is necessary to set. How to do a good job to discuss the area of the light, so that guests feel relaxed and comfortable, can be very calm about the purchase of car things? Mainly follow several principles:

       Illumination should not be too high, too high likely to cause people nervous. But need to show a good brightness and the transition zone

       Color temperature should not be too cold, neutral color temperature more natural